Pros and cons of Wearing Beach Shoes

canvas-shoesBeach shoes are pretty straightforward—they are shoes for when you are going to the beach. They are used when doing any aquatic activity and make you look stylish while splashing in the water.

There are several factors you must take into account when looking for the perfect pair of comfortable shoes you can wear to the beach, including function, fit, fashion and fast-to-dry. Aside from these, you might consider slip resistance, durability, support and sturdiness, depending on the activity you will be using them for. Beach shoes should protect your feet from the outside environment, while maintaining the feet’s all-natural state and preventing things from getting inside your soles.

Beach shoes look quite unique. Unlike other summer shoes, you cannot really wear them in any area that does not have any body of water. If you are thinking whether you should buy a good pair of beach shoes for your next vacation, here are some of their pros and cons to help you decide:


  1. Very comfortable while doing water activities.

Most of these comfortable shoes are designed to follow the natural design of feet, claiming that it creates less impact on the knees, hips and lower back. Some people also appreciate the feeling of having their toes in “toe pockets”, especially in the case of toe shoes.

  1. Generate a better sense of balance and agility.

They help strengthen the muscles in the feet and improve motion and sensory reception in the feet is increased.

  1. Prevent you from slipping.

Beach shoes are designed to have a non-slip factor when on boats or slippery surfaces.

  1. Prevent the uncomfortable feeling of stepping on something underwater.

When swimming, they are especially helpful to help avoid the sharp-edged corals and coarse sand particles. You won’t ever have to feel the slimy seaweed in between your toes ever again!


  1. They may cause discomfort after quite some time.

Remember that beach shoes are not substitutes for sports shoes. It cannot provide you comfort when you do other strenuous physical activities out of water, like running. Some of these summer shoes do not also provide enough support, stability or motion control. Some people may feel uncomfortable with the sensation of a piece of cloth or leather in between their toes.

  1. Some kinds of beach shoes might result to blisters.

If they are not fitted properly before purchase, it could cause discomfort to users.

  1. They could be additional weight.

This is especially discouraging especially if you plan to use them for swimming. They will put on additional weight on your feet, which makes it hard for some people to swim.


Fashion-wise, people are still a bit skeptical in purchasing beach shoes. However, it is important to remember that beach shoes are not for everyone. So when deciding whether or not you will be buying a pair for your next vacation, try evaluating if you will be able to use it and it will be able to give you comfort while doing the things on your itinerary.
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