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Machu-Picchu-and-Putucusi-Mountain-300x300I wanted to embark on a trip to special places of interest and I realized that I had to be extremely choosy in selecting my travel operator for this. There are several such places that are beyond the scope of generic travel agents. I decided to go on a trip to Machu Picchu and was in search of a specialty tour provider that would render me tailor-made package for the same.  I could not even think of planning the trip on my own to such relatively unexplored places of the world without any expert assistance. Touring the big cities of the world is a different thing wherein one probably does not need a guide. But for places that are relatively untapped, one does need a tour provider having at least 10 years of experience in packaging trips to customers liking.

After going through several travel guides and providers who could not help me with my Peruvian holiday plans, I got to know this specialist travel operator. This tour provider is indeed very special who takes care of every detail while designing packages perfectly in sync with his customers’ interest. My Machu Picchu tours packages was handled very well keeping in mind the days I wanted to travel along with the destinations I desired to sight-see. It was even a greater delight to see my entire package being made very reasonable and affordable for my liking. I chose the hiking trip to Machu Picchu from this operator for which I got to explore the sacred valley, Cusco and even trail Inca in exploring the regions in and around Machu Picchu.

On day one of my Machu Picchu hiking tours expedition, I was made to get conversant with the scenic beauty inherent in the valleys of Inca. This sure was an exciting Peruvian introduction that is aptly ingrained in my memory bank. With professional assistance from this tour provider, I got to see the best of cultures neighboring Cusco. It was an absolute pleasure to view the incredible sceneries of the Sacred Valley. During my 5 days of fabulous traveling, I also got to taste the joy of experiencing the train ride. Traveling by train was very special as it allowed me to discover relics and ruins in the regions surrounding Machu Picchu.

If you have ever desired to soak in the captivating splendors of Machu Picchu then you just cannot afford to give this tour specialist a miss. My exploration plan was very articulately carved covering everything from Inti Punku and the spectacular Lost City of the Incas to the impressive streets of the Cusco wonderland. I could not believe my span of five days travel would get me so much fun and glory in sight-seeing both traditional as well as the modern cultures of Quechua. Viewing the aptly walled terraces in the Sacred Valley and the geometrically patterned structures in Ollantay tambo perfectly quenched my thirst for exploration. During my tour, I got to make an overnight stop at the mystic Aguas Calientes. I will surely recommend this expert travel service provider to anyone who requires specially packaged trips.


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