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photo-phactory-logoWhy wedding cinematography?

Let’s add up all the elements of a wedding day, from wedding date, to the venue and to the photographer. One of the most important investments that couple getting married usually place on the last of their wedding check list is wedding cinematography.

Importance –

Leaving photographs, cinematography is the only way you can relive all the wedding moments in just a small span of time. They say a picture speaks thousand words, but what about cinematography unlike photographs cinematography speaks for itself, it preserves all the moments, music, sound and rituals forever.

From a bride walk from to the stage, to the ring exchanging ceremony, to the dance of the loved ones, the music, the tears rolling down the face of the loved ones to the memory at the reception cinematography captures all.

Choosing PhotoPhactory as the Wedding cinematographer –

Hiring the best Wedding photographers in Mumbai is important, but having a cinematographer at your wedding capturing every single moment is just as important. Wedding cinematographers at PhotoPhactory capture more than just a moment in time. They capture every detail – the entire day – from the continuous changing expressions of your loved ones to the feelings you felt.

  • It doesn’t matter what style of wedding you are going for, classical or luxurious, modern o traditional, and no matter where you are getting married, a garden or a beach, in a town hall or small open park, lively, funky or just like the old days, wedding cinematographers at PhotoPhactory have a certain style. For them matching your style and the vibe is the priority.
  • PhotoPhactory – Wedding cinematographers in Mumbai know exactly how to capture the magic of your big wedding day. They have a team that works with you in the planning process and create a wedding feature that completely captures the love, compassion and compatibility of your love story.  They create documentary that is truly on of a kind keepsake of your big wedding day.
  • They are ready to talk about you and your budget for the wedding day. They offer their services without hurting your pocket. They make sure you have the best possible documentary of your big day.

Services they offer –

PhotoPhactory has a team of passionate and professional cinematographers and photographers in Mumbai, who are best in what they do. They have kept themselves totally flexible to meet your needs.

  • They offer “larger than life” documented extravaganza, including the interviews of the couple that just got married, their loved ones and friends about their past experience and memories involving the couple.
  • They have totally flexible rates. They offer different packages that depend totally on the cinematography requirements. They usually charge on day basis.
  • They offer a cinematic teaser, just to add an extra pinch of excitement on your wedding day.
  • Though they offer 20 to 30 minutes if cinematic documentary, the shots are all in high definition.

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