A Quick Guide to the Unique Features of the Lowrance Elite -5x HDI

Lowrance is a manufacturer of boating supplies who are known to be excellent in functionality. The prices of their marine equipment equally match their performance, making them one of the most preferred brands in fishing supplies on Anchor Express.

In terms of fish finders, they have a wide array of products to choose from, and one of the best ranked to date is the Elite -5x HDI.

This review will lay down what makes fishing enthusiasts love this specific marine equipment over so many others available on the market.

The HDI Technology

HDI stands for Hybrid Dual Imaging. This technology successfully displays images from two sources – their traditional broadband sounder and the Downscan Imaging.

The Lowrance traditional broadband sounder, which is the technology used in their previous models, is already well-applauded by its users.

The Downscan Imaging enables you to get a more detailed view of what is under the water, and a clearer picture of fishes, plant life, and rock formations. You can even identify the fish just by looking at your screen.

The monitor of the Elite -5x HDI enables you to choose which from which source you would like to view. You can view the display from either the traditional broadband sounder, the Downscan Imaging, or both at the same time.


The Elite -5x HDI also houses another technological advancement, the GPS. It gives you an accurate report on the location of your boat and of the school of fishes you are targeting.

The 5-inch display

This screen enables you to comfortably view the data your fish finder was able to gather.  This is not the largest screen available on the market, but can give you a very high quality resolution of 480×480 pixels.


The interface of the Elite -5x HDI is very user friendly, enabling you to use its features very easily. All the buttons are just located on one side, so you can easily control the device with the use of just one hand.

When asked for disadvantages or cons for this device, majority of the users said that the only downside to it is that is does not come with a detailed manual in installation and setting. However, the internet is very rich in resources like this so it can be tagged as just a minor inconvenience.

Fish finders have become an essential marine equipment when going fishing. Not only does it increase the fish that you can catch, but is also supposed to increase the thrill and the fun. It is supposed to reduce the time you spend waiting to find a school of fish or waiting for a single fish to come to you. In all these aspects, the Lowrance Elite -5x HDI seems to be successfully delivering its purpose as a fish finder.

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